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Guardian Interlock Systems is an independent, family-owned Australian company that provides all aspects of interlock program management to state transport authorities in Australia. Guardian provides interlock services in metropolitan and regional areas, and has more than 3600 active programs, serviced by 60 centres.  Guardian uses products and services from Alcohol Countermeasure Systems which was established in 1976 to design and develop an alcohol interlock device to prevent a driver from starting a vehicle after consumption of alcohol.  Guardian has achieved ISO 9000 certification, and its products are certified to Australian Standard AS 3547.


To achieve and maintain excellence in all aspects of alcohol ignition interlock program management throughout Australasia by providing high quality services and certified products. We will achieve this by:

  • Thorough and timely business planning.

  • Outstanding customer service.

  • Product support and certification.

  • Superior supply systems.

  • Using appropriately trained and qualified staff.

  • Quality staff and service centre teams.

  • Innovative use of information technology.

  • Sustaining our ISO 9000 certified Quality Management System.

Our Values

These values are the backbone of Guardian’s existence and provide the framework for all aspects of our operations. We expect everyone in Guardian to respect and follow them.


  • Conduct should reflect the highest standards of ethics, personally and corporately.
  • Honest, open and forthright in dealings inside and outside the company.
  • Treat employees, customers, suppliers and the community with respect and in a fair and equitable manner.


  • Make a clear-eyed assessment of facts.
  • Face up to difficult issues and act in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Speak up freely and openly without fear.
  • Incorporate common sense into each and every judgment. 


  • Outperform our competition through creativity and innovation.
  • Ideas and imagination add unique quality to our business.
  • Change and risk are inherent to innovation.


  • Supply a high quality product every time.
  • Meet and exceed our customer’s expectations on every project.
  • Pay attention to detail and focus on the result.
  • Take pride in the quality of our work.



  • Set challenging and achievable goals.
  • Continuously learn, develop and improve.
  • Conduct business with uncompromising professionalism.
  • Perform to the best of our ability and add value with individual skills and talent.



  • Recognise and reward accomplishments.
  • Encourage and reward informed risk taking.
  • Honour excellence and commitment.

Community Relations

Charitable Donations

Guardian Interlock Systems makes considerable donations to charitable causes each year.  These causes include Sydney Children's Hospital, the Victorian Bushfire Victims, Cancer Council, Fred Hollows Foundation, St Vincent De Paul, School for the Blind and many more.

Ignition Interlock

The WR3 is an alcohol interlock device that is specifically designed for DUI offender ignition interlock programs.

It combines evidential breath alcohol measurement technology with innovative anticircumvention features to provide the leading choice in alcohol interlock devices.

The WR3 is an innovative breath alcohol testing instrument which is installed in a vehicle in a way that links its
operation to the ignition, starter, electrical and other on-board systems. The purpose of the WR3 is to measure
the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the intended driver and to prevent the vehicle from being started or
operated if the BAC is over a preset limit.
The WR3 includes an advanced form of hum-tone detection as part of the means to prevent cheating. The
intended driver must provide a moderate and continuous breath sample for a period of 5 seconds while
simultaneously engaging a humming sound in order to satisfy the breath test requirement. Additionally, the
breath flow rate is monitored to ensure a proper sample is being delivered before the breath alcohol
measurement is taken.
Running Retest
The WR3 includes a provision for engaging a retest requirement on a random time basis to ensure that the
driver has not been drinking since the vehicle was first started. A tone will sound and “retest” will be displayed
to instruct the driver that a retest is required. If the test is not conducted, a sanction may be engaged.
Program Features
The WR3 is uniquely designed for DUI offender ignition interlock programs and can be tailored to meet specific
program requirements of any jurisdiction. The interlock device records breath test results and other data
relevant to compliance with program conditions, which is made available for review by administering authorities
via secure on-line web application.

Size: 15 cm x 4.6 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 400 grams
Sensor: Electrochemical (fuel cell)
Accuracy: ±0.02 at 0.20 mg/L
Number of Tests: Unlimited within calibration every 6 months
Operation in ambient temperature: Reliable in extreme temperatures from -45° to 85°
Power Up Time: 150 seconds @ 20°
Purge cycle: 30 seconds
Breath sample: 5-second moderate and continuous breath sample
Analysis Time: 5 to 25 seconds
Recycle (Recovery) Time: 10 to 30 seconds
Readout Format: BAC Reading
Mouthpieces: Round mouthpiece (95-000140)
Display: Graphic LCD Display
Calibration: Alcohol-Water simulator
Complete package includes: WR3 Handset
Relay Module
Installation Manual
Installation Kit
Wiring Harness
Handset Clip Fixture
User Guide
Bag of Mouthpieces
Optional Equipment
Additional mouthpieces, siren

WR3 ignition interlocks are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year
from the date of installation. Guardian will replace or repair any unit or part that in its judgment is found to
be defective, providing that the defect has not been caused by misuse or mishandling. Units in warranty
must be properly packaged and shipped prepaid to Guardian.



Before installation procedes, paperwork must be completed and a copy taken of your temporary license and nominated vehicle form obtained from Transport SA.

Standard cars - Petrol 4-6 cylinder - $300.00 approximately

(Includes install and 1st months calibration)

Diesels, Utilities and European Vehicles - $410.00 approximately

(Includes install, Tach sensor and 1st months calibration)


Handsets can either be calibrated every month or every two months for those who live in outer rural suburbs of Port Lincoln.

Monthly calibration - $150.00 approximately ($100.00 with Concession Approximately )

Bi-Monthly Calibration - $300.00 approximately ($200.00 with Concession Approximately )

Calibrations are carried out every Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only

Calibration costs MUST be paid for in either Cash, Eftpos, Visa or Mastercard on the day!!!


Concession will only be given if a current Concession card is shown upon installation and every monitor thereafter along with a viable Income Statement obtained each month from Centrelink to prove full concession aid is given. If any concession falls short of these requirement - No concession will be given under any circumstance.